Copyright © 2019, risorins.

terms of service

  • i retain all rights to my artwork.

  • all commissions are for personal, non-profit use only. please inquire through email or twitter direct messages for commercial use and rates.

  • full payment must be received before any work may commence.

  • refunds will only be given under specific circumstances. (see refund policy)

  • major revisions come at an additional cost once the sketch stage has been cleared. (see commission process, bullet #3)

  • rush jobs are available at an additional cost.

commission process

  1. send detailed references and all pertinent commission information through the order form.​ (requests may be waitlisted or denied)

  2. once i have accepted your order, full payment must be made upfront.

  3. a sketch will soon be sent to you for approval (regular commissions only).

  4. after the sketch has been approved for finalization, revisions required due to an oversight by me are free. revisions required by your oversight will come at an additional fee.

    • post-sketch revision fee: +50%

    • post-completion revision fee: +100%

  5. a full resolution png file will be sent to you upon completion.

refund policy

commission cancellation requests before or during the sketch stage​ will be met with a 30% refund. there will be no refunds once the commission has moved beyond the sketch stage.

if a situation should arise where i can not complete the commission, a full refund will be issued.